Scania New Generation for AI Traffic (ETS2 1.32)

• This mod make the Scania S and R 2016 Walk on the road
The truck is luxurious and in different colors, wheels and components on the truck
Place above the original mod in mod manager.
You can share this map but KEEP THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK!
Tested : (Maybe can’t work other beta version )
If you have any ideas how to improve the mod, Report bugs in comments
It will be updating and correcting errors, Good route.

jhonny gut


8 thoughts on “Scania New Generation for AI Traffic (ETS2 1.32)

  1. This isn’t needed anymore! In 1.32x beta SCS has included the new generation Scania!

  2. Again a useless Mod from jhonny gut.
    If he reads sometime on SCS-Blog, he should know, that it is
    useless, to do Mods, which are Standard from SCS. LOL

    1. nportegies

      This can provide you with your own skin, that of scs you can not skinn.
      ( not yet)

      1. Cyka blyat

        But you can.

  3. Oskar1104

    Report all this Mod, the Next Gen Scania is already by SCS in traffic…

  4. why do you use one of my ETS2 sreenshots? that´s one of my gaming screenshots that I posted on my flickr side and you take it and publish your mod with my screenshot!!!why do you not take one of yours???? please remove my picture and use one of yours!!!!!

    1. This Guy is a Thief, Mods and Pictures.
      All his Mods and Images are stolen !!!

  5. nportegies

    Yes your own photo is also more beautiful, because this photo is not beautiful.
    Seems like a painting.

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