Scania New Sunshield


New Sunshield for Scania Truck
Tested 1.13.x version

Author: MatDom1988


5 thoughts on “Scania New Sunshield

  1. alex 1982

    please,you can do it completely full paintable?thanks!

  2. matdom1988

    OK, no problem

  3. MatDom made ​​the mod “paint”. It will be downloadable soon

    1. alessandro 1982

      ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. looks good but don`t fit at Scania r2008 highline
    sunshield go in the glass.
    I hope you can fix it its a very nice sunshield.
    I`ve tried the paintable but i think it will be the same as the chrome sunshield

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