Scania Next Generation Stock Sound Mod

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Hello Guys:
This mod replaces the original sound by SCS to a more realistic one, for Scania Next Generation, that’s why I have made a mod as realistic as possible, I hope your comments and wait for the new updates that will improve the sound even more!
Please inform about bugs/errors. Thank you.
Compatible: In 1. 30/1. 31
❣Thank you for using ❣



10 thoughts on “Scania Next Generation Stock Sound Mod

  1. Видео???

  2. G.F.Later


  3. i have juust put the souind i cant understand any differnence

  4. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.31

  5. Go away, nobody needs your s.h.i.t here!!

  6. its also fake

  7. It´s stolen !
    Rita is a new Name from Frederique410, etc. !

    ALL the uploaded Mods are stolen or hacked !

  8. Andreas71

    Das ist der Soundmod geklaut von Kriechbaum

  9. Andreas71

    Das ist der Soundmod geklaut von Kriechbaum. Schäme dich Dieb 🙂

  10. fake sound isnt like video nothing changes with this mod

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