Scania NextGen Addons by SMG v 1.1

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Changelog 1.1:
roofgrill with lighbox or slots selectable
rockfall protection or non-rockfall protection selectable

The Allround Lightbox (by Maxx2504) for Scania S&R
*Lightbbox Skin “Paul Walker”*
The mini Cool Air (by Maxx2504) for Scania S&R
The Rockfall protection (by Maxx2504) for Scania S&R

3 LED Smalllights red/Yellow/white by MDDMODING
and 50k addons customized

Rockfall protection
you need the DLC_FLAGS!!!!!!!
mountable via flag_r

Mod Manager:

Maxx2504 , 50k, MDModding , Schullis Mod Garage


7 thoughts on “Scania NextGen Addons by SMG v 1.1

  1. Thx für die Neuerungen 😉

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  3. please make for just slots wothout lightbox and roofgrill

  4. Heino Randa Poulsen


    Very nice mod. but is there a change to get without the air cooler on the roof. because it stick in to the hassard light it you are using the new once from Special cargo.

  5. Thanks,good job.

  6. hello nice job, it’s possible to remove light box ? thanks

  7. update for ets 2 – 1.31.**??

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