Scania NextGen Low Chassis

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All chassis are lowered.
All variants are done without errors.
Works with R and S version.

me, SCS


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14 thoughts on “Scania NextGen Low Chassis

  1. Download Link???

    1. The link is working.

  2. in the mods in the frame of the photo the rubber on the lift-up axis comes out of the fender you can arrange please

  3. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  4. Seems that once this mod is enabled no damage is enabled too. I would love to have the normal damage

  5. Damyen085

    Excellent mod! the damage to the truck is there, no bugs all perfect!

  6. you can see from the video that the wheel comes out of the fender looks good before you sire that is perfect !!!!!!!!!

  7. Daniel Süd

    Very much lower… can you do a new version a little higher? … Nice mod!!

  8. Damyen085

    I use the 4×2 frame and it’s perfect. It is normal that if it is lowered if you lift the axle the wheel goes up no? so in this case you should not use a lowered frame

  9. Hej we’re can i get the rims?

  10. Good MOD. SISL Link please.

  11. Hey! can u make this mod for the rjl? all chassis


    Can you please update the mod for 1.31 and make it a bit taller so the tires wont touch the fenders !

  13. Please update! Thanks

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