Scania NextGen Low Chassis

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All chassis are lowered.
All variants are done without errors.
Works with R and S version.

me, SCS


14 Responses to Scania NextGen Low Chassis

  1. zero922 says:

    Download Link???

  2. spada82 says:

    in the mods in the frame of the photo the rubber on the lift-up axis comes out of the fender you can arrange please

  3. jorgent97 says:

    Hd video 1.30…

  4. ED101 says:

    Seems that once this mod is enabled no damage is enabled too. I would love to have the normal damage

  5. Damyen085 says:

    Excellent mod! the damage to the truck is there, no bugs all perfect!

  6. spada82 says:

    you can see from the video that the wheel comes out of the fender looks good before you sire that is perfect !!!!!!!!!

  7. Daniel Süd says:

    Very much lower… can you do a new version a little higher? … Nice mod!!

  8. Damyen085 says:

    I use the 4×2 frame and it’s perfect. It is normal that if it is lowered if you lift the axle the wheel goes up no? so in this case you should not use a lowered frame

  9. Maxi says:

    Hej we’re can i get the rims?

  10. Koldaka says:

    Good MOD. SISL Link please.

  11. torped says:

    Hey! can u make this mod for the rjl? all chassis

  12. HKTTRANSPORT says:

    Can you please update the mod for 1.31 and make it a bit taller so the tires wont touch the fenders !

  13. H says:

    Please update! Thanks

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