Scania Touring HD Bus

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Scania Touring HD bus mod
versions supported 1.27, 1.28, 1.30

-scania dealer
-Author : Fahim Auvro

The mod is in the test mod and it is a test release
mod will be updated frequently stay updated here to get new updates

-Standard Wheels
-Comment below to Know What you want

Fahim Auvro


26 Responses to Scania Touring HD Bus

  1. Josch says:

    Password? Lachhaft! Steck Dir den Bus an den Hut!?

    • brantas says:

      password is in the website link they have given in the read me text file

  2. Reinaldo da Silva says:

    Top … will you have skins from Brazil?

  3. Josch says:

    Right steering – no thanks.
    Left steering better!

  4. brantas says:

    password is in the website link they have given in the read me text file

  5. Luigi says:

    1st class crap

  6. OmchN says:

    Its mod from Indonesia made mr Yuli Indrayana

  7. DeGelderseTrucker says:

    When I click on download for the password, it won’t download, btw, the website does’nt look very trustable for me, Google Chrome also says it’s unsafe and because the name is, I really think I cannot trust it

    • brantas says:

      no need to download password its visible in the website just copy and paste it

  8. ALİ CEM says:

    The steering of the vehicle is on the right. the navigation in the car is reversed. the voice of the car is not bad.

  9. Luigi says:

    Hi Fahim Auvro. Congratulations for the mod. By chance do you know if there is the mod passenger updated at 1.30?
    Thank you

  10. Nicolas says:

    Why doesn’t have right steering wheel?

  11. Kinmen86 says:

    mirror error,Zoom in mirror screen display abnormal

  12. Well wisher says:


  13. J says:

    Could you add a non-UK steering wheel?

  14. J says:

    Password is uiophjklbnm#=+

  15. alif says:

    there is some problem!! When i do some changes like engine or paintjob it crushes!! there is nothing to customize!! Hope u will fix it soon!! My game version is 1.27!!

  16. tuner_75 says:

    Mod funktioniert nicht weder beim Scania noch bei anderen Händler zu finden … lvl.1.30.

  17. Vtelrunya says:

    Can you make a template for it ?

  18. atifjaveed says:


  19. atifjaveed says:

    atif javeed

  20. Student Trucker Delgade YT says:

    For everyone! The password is uiophjklbnm#=+ copy and paste it from u to + and you have it. You dont have to download any files for the Password!

  21. katie says:

    where do I find it in which dealer? I do not see him in the scania

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