Scania Touring HD Bus

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Scania Touring HD bus mod
versions supported 1.27, 1.28, 1.30

-scania dealer
-Author : Fahim Auvro

The mod is in the test mod and it is a test release
mod will be updated frequently stay updated here to get new updates

-Standard Wheels
-Comment below to Know What you want

Fahim Auvro


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33 thoughts on “Scania Touring HD Bus

  1. Password? Lachhaft! Steck Dir den Bus an den Hut!?

    1. password is in the website link they have given in the read me text file

      1. NicolasBTS90

        I can not get the password, when I enter the site says
        This website can not be accessed.

  2. Reinaldo da Silva

    Top … will you have skins from Brazil?

    1. No. Password!

      1. password is in the website link they have given in the read me text file

        1. Can i have the password please

    2. I will make it for you send the real bus images to [email protected]

  3. Right steering – no thanks.
    Left steering better!

  4. password is in the website link they have given in the read me text file

  5. 1st class ####

  6. Its mod from Indonesia made mr Yuli Indrayana

  7. DeGelderseTrucker

    When I click on download for the password, it won’t download, btw, the website does’nt look very trustable for me, Google Chrome also says it’s unsafe and because the name is, I really think I cannot trust it

    1. no need to download password its visible in the website just copy and paste it

  8. The steering of the vehicle is on the right. the navigation in the car is reversed. the voice of the car is not bad.

  9. Hi Fahim Auvro. Congratulations for the mod. By chance do you know if there is the mod passenger updated at 1.30?
    Thank you

  10. Why doesn’t have right steering wheel?

  11. mirror error,Zoom in mirror screen display abnormal

  12. Well wisher


  13. Could you add a non-UK steering wheel?

  14. Password is uiophjklbnm#=+

  15. there is some problem!! When i do some changes like engine or paintjob it crushes!! there is nothing to customize!! Hope u will fix it soon!! My game version is 1.27!!

  16. Mod funktioniert nicht weder beim Scania noch bei anderen Händler zu finden … lvl.1.30.

  17. Vtelrunya

    Can you make a template for it ?

  18. atifjaveed


  19. atifjaveed

    atif javeed

  20. Student Trucker Delgade YT

    For everyone! The password is uiophjklbnm#=+ copy and paste it from u to + and you have it. You dont have to download any files for the Password!

    1. Thanks its word hahahah

  21. where do I find it in which dealer? I do not see him in the scania

  22. no password in the website

  23. new jawsy


  24. paswordd ?

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