Scania NextGen Red Plusch Danish

Interior + Exterior for Next Gen Scania

Matt_07ita, Hedmark Transport


5 thoughts on “Scania NextGen Red Plusch Danish

  1. If its Danish as you wrote why is it a NORWEGIAN flag on it?
    Dont you know how the Danish flag look like…?

    1. AvM Transport

      Interior danish – what’s your problem?
      They also use styles like this in norway!

  2. Matt_07ita

    Non ti autorrizzato a modificare la mia mod,Non basta il credito ,è inutile che cambi il nome del file e del titolo

  3. djaimy cornips

    works this with 1.39?

  4. Quentin meuwly

    il n’y a pas le fichier SCS apres le téléchargement

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