Scania NG Addon Pack

New interior added:
-Black & Blue
-Black & White
New parts added:
-slots added sideskirts
-fog light front bumper => high, mid, low
-mirror + antena => default mirror, fullpaint mirror
-8 painted roof grill
-4 painted bottom grill => mirage, ranger, samurai, sting
-Smoke curtains
-front glass mid => 4 sticker
-2 sunshield
-dashborad table
For game version 1.43.x

SCS, haineons


2 thoughts on “Scania NG Addon Pack

  1. -slots added sideskirts …..ONLY FOR 4 X 2 CHASSIS!!!!
    skin colors on the parts …. otherwise well done. do you want to add sun visor templates please. gr D.T.M

  2. crah game

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