Scania NG Tcab SCS Base V1.2 Hotfix

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1.2 Hotfix
– removed files making some parts pink
– fixed quick job trucks
– added recovery loads into pack


Azorax Modding, SCS, Soultech, FlemmingV


7 thoughts on “Scania NG Tcab SCS Base V1.2 Hotfix

  1. Hello, there is a problem.

    In my case, the small dice and sponge bob of the SISL cabin accessory come off like weightlessness and go somewhere.

  2. What was said about the Remoled did not help
    the mod has been removed (the link was the original one)
    Sometimes I don’t understand!
    Thanks for fixing the Tcab problem.

  3. jimmyedward

    ive installed the recovery loads mod but cant find them where would i find them pls?

  4. I had ReMoled removed as I do not want it on 3rd party sites . I also offer no support on third party sites . ReMoled lives on the SCS forum here – . If your having an issue then thats the place to go for help .

    Happy Trucking

    Solutech .

    1. I just pointed out that you removed the little colored lights, and that not everyone can download IJ’s mods for non-Steam users.
      However I understand you, I download from the SCS forum,
      Thanks anyway.

      1. Unfortunately the lights were made by ijsmods and 1.40 thoroughly broke them so as they are basically the same lights as he now has in his pack there was zero point in me fixing them which is why I removed them .

        1. Ok, thanks for the reply, i will continue to use your mod. sorry if i was a little pushy.

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