Scania Obsolute Skin

Obsolute (1) Obsolute (2)

Obsolute Skin for Scania R2009 Topline Truck
It is not compatible with RJL

Author: Afrosmiu


7 thoughts on “Scania Obsolute Skin

  1. you can link to the tuning very much

  2. Could you please the Tuning Mod link

  3. Mod tuning private

    1. what you all are private,it’s just a game,share mods, nothing bad will happen

      1. In asking like that it is sure that it will give you a link to are tuning mod lol

  4. nothing bad will happen… yeah right. ppl only sell these mods and claim they are their own creations and give no credits to real creators

  5. toni What’s your problem

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