Scania Openpipe [1.40]

Happy Good day

today i finished my project about openpipe sound (crackle and default openpipe) and now ready to release.
just drag this mod into your folder mod.
replace all dc16 default engines.

Attention !!!

you must select one of this sound or your game will crash / not working.
compatible with Scania R&Streamline, Scania RJL (R4,R,T4,T).


tires sound:



2 thoughts on “Scania Openpipe [1.40]

  1. Sound video please !!!

  2. Really nice! Thank you!

    Dear “kriechbaum”,

    I would like to ask you if you could please make sound for Ford F-MAX?
    Your sounds are awesome!

    Greetings from Germany and stay healthy please!

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