Scania P

Scania P

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– Adaptation for 1.20 version
– Are a separate slot
– 3 cabin
– 3 chassis
– Your interior
– Your wheels
– Added my drives (for new versions)
– Tuning into the interior
– Supports metallic paint
– The truck itself is done efficiently
– Tested on 1.20

Authors: Mr.Poland, Ahaneim, Sanya, Sentaku

DOWNLOAD 80 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 80 MB [Uploadfiles]

14 Responses to Scania P

  1. keme says:

    can be reskin?uv mapping?

    • pl_tv_software says:

      keme=You what question did he ask? What do you mean?
      Please write in conversational English!

      All mod adaptation and version 1.20 s works well.
      Authorship is respected.

      Regards 🙂

      • keme says:

        hahaa 😛 sorry…
        I mean does this truck can be painted. 😀

        • pl_tv_software says:

          keme- give you a big barrel of paint! Or sell… hahaa…

          Paint the free the game. I’m giving you a chance!

          • williamets says:

            is the truck 900 degree??????

          • wtf says:

            What he is asking is if the truck has a proper UV MAPPING, so he can make SKINS for it, not simply a bloody damn paint.

          • keme says:

            yes..that what i mean WTF hahahaa

          • Nico says:

            @pl_tv_software learn to speak English you stupid twat! I bet you are just another polish moron, right?

          • Rustam_47 says:

            Nico – а ты, смотрю вонючий американский пиздолиз, ебать таких и убивать чмарей как ты хуило американское. ты-же марионетка своей вонючей америки! хааа.
            польша и Россия задушит тебя блядина одной рукой. Сиди мразь и не рыпайся там)

      • pl_tv_software says:

        NICO = I bet you are just another American moron, right?
        Zamknij japę roślina! xD

  2. trucker000 says:


    Pretty nice mod i used the previous one:) but is this one 900 degree steering? because i use the g27 and the other one was a little bit more and that was not good.

  3. nmgsyp says:

    nice truck ~ + UV map please : D

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