Scania P340

YouTube preview

– Standalone Model
– Slot 7 by Scania Dealer
– Interior
– Wheel
– game Version 1.26

Tolik_35Rus, ZY Express


7 thoughts on “Scania P340

  1. video test

    1. с такой графикой это вообще ущербно смотреть..

  2. JonTheVGNerd

    Game crashes, just like other P340 mods would…

  3. seems a nice truck but full of errors and eventually game crashes before being able to have a closer look. I tried to fix a few errors myself but I finally gave up.
    delete until further updates…

  4. Толик. Ты откуда? Я из Череповца.

  5. why game crashes for me?

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