Scania R 1000 Consept Interior

Scania-R-1000-Consept-Interior-1 Scania-R-1000-Consept-Interior-2

Interior for Scania R 1000 Consept Truck

Authors: ETS2MOD, Modteam, Blade1974


11 thoughts on “Scania R 1000 Consept Interior

  1. muradhan35


  2. Why interior with exterior is difrend?

  3. muradhan35

    1:16 version will be applied

  4. This truck is sold by a dealer Scania ? My patch 1.16.2 will work?

  5. Still actual Scania R/Streamline interior.
    Lame. Since we all drive using the interior view, it’s like driving the actual Scania trucks, and not the concept.

    1. I agree

  6. 1.16 version conflicts does not work
    Please make enables you to work on version 1.16

  7. Abi 1.16’da çalışmıyor.
    1.16’da çalışacak hale getirebilir misin?

  8. f**k you !

    No work this 1.16.x and 1.15.x


    1. muradhan35

      Stick your TRUCKS up your a*s
      if you don’t want it just don’t download it ######

      already read 1:15 comment

  9. Nimeni.Altu

    truck looks amazing from the outside……
    the interior need’s to look like something TOTTALY new!

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