Scania R 2008 S.Verbeek


Scania R 2008 S.Verbeek Truck

Author: tack


20 Responses to Scania R 2008 S.Verbeek

  1. aaron says: this is mine mod s.verbeek

  2. V8K-Blaine says:

    ingame screenhots???

  3. aaron says:

    check video

  4. Leah says:

    wrong head lights, wrong alcoa wheels and missing sideskirts and lightbar.

  5. DanCoreRS says:

    hello people can someone make the sound for Daf XF? unfortunately there’s no beautiful sound for Daf. Many thanks in advance

  6. SCANIA_SWEDEN says:

    aaron where do you get that lifted axels

  7. aaron says:

    facebook fan page 21seconds

  8. BasH says:

    Zitten de interieurs ook in deze mod?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Aaron , can you give me a link for sound of video ? Please 🙂

  10. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Skin is wrong, som parts ar mt riht placed (mirrored) color is too flat

  11. Freddy Jimmink says:

    From a telephone with too thick fingers gives problems, but what i wanted to say is:

    In this skin, things are wrongly placed (mirrored)
    and the color is too flat, it can be brighter,

    If it is no problem i will fix that and place link on with the Original credits and re-worked by

  12. aaron says:

    oh okay im so sorry ..

  13. aaron says:

    just take a look here :}

  14. Verbeek23 says:

    Der Funktioniert garnicht! 🙁

  15. Rick says:

    op welke versie van ets2 werkt deze ?

    want als ik hem erin zit werk die niet
    en is me truck rood.. hij ziet de skin wel

  16. GustavoDugois says:

    the link does not work, please re-upload!

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