Scania R 5 Series (RJL) Red & Blue Skin Combo Pack + Accessory

Scania Red&Blue Skin for Scania R 5Series(Rjl) Truck and Chereau Trailer+Accessory

Scania Rjl MOD version for V2.1
Tested game version

– AI Traffic
– Compatible with all pack Trailer and DLC

– Lightbox
– Wheel

–SCS Software
–Truck: Rjl
– Lightbox: maxx2504
– Wheel: abasstreppas
– Trailer: Nabil, MDModding, Quentin, Fred_be



8 thoughts on “Scania R 5 Series (RJL) Red & Blue Skin Combo Pack + Accessory

  1. FieldhouseCustoms

    Nice skin, looks like a overskinnen vreugdenhill skin

  2. Is+another+stuff+in+the+pack…

  3. Sideskirt:
    Scania RS Addons v 1.1.4 by powwrkasi

    Back Bumper Custom V3 for Scania RJL R & T and both 4 series by chefprutser

  4. Balázs Benkes

    When I activated the trailer mod, I did not get this trailer, I got lot of it, but not this one, what can I do?

    1. Please take a break and advance the time

      1. Balázs Benkes

        Does not work, i have lot of trailers, are about 9 types…

  5. I+have+the+same+problem+as+Balázs+Benkes.+I+got+other+skins+but+not+the+blue+and+red+skin+on+the+trailer.

  6. And interior?

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