Scania R 730

Scania-R-730-2 Scania-R-730-1

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– Detailed
– A lot of tuning (Streamline parts includes)
– Skins
– Interior
– Color settings
– Physics

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Authors: 50keda, anaheim, mr.poland, shery0, SCS, Mattias P, Arnook, Alex, EED123, FChriss, FastAlex, Jon-Ruda, Irishtrucker164, Punisher, ExclusiveUA


21 thoughts on “Scania R 730

    1. video is private it says 😉

  1. Pacton is available?

  2. i don’t see any different form scania V2 by the punisher and this model, only the .scs name… There isn’t any tuning for streamline, anything, the ins’t like in photos

  3. walusiovsky

    Where’s interior tuning parts as we can see on the picture ?

  4. Streamline ???

  5. contains nothing of A lot of tuning (Streamline parts includes)-Skins – int. Color settings-Physics nor is the photo. fix it thank you.

  6. If I download it, it’s the v2 truck of punisher?

    1. i have that to 🙁

  7. Fake the scania streamline

  8. is this just a 1 april joke? 🙁

  9. crazymodwayne

    its not working for me

  10. link voor J.P VIS trailer pleas

  11. and add my name because I’m the author of that skin (J.P VIS & Zn.) !!!! I hate you people because you using my skins without any permission from me.
    If I would using your skins or mods guess what?? YOU would NOT liked at all!

  12. take it eassy sarah
    what you see on the picture is not in the archive
    bad joke is all it is

    1. thats not this one dude –‘

  13. please link for trailers

  14. Generally strange ability to put as default track from Scania R 2008 v 2.0 nor any new chassis no tuning elements to it. How to fix it?

  15. Screens are fake beceause

    there isnt a streamline option

    the interior tuning isnt included

    and the sunvisors arent available

  16. cb 86-Miki

    I would need skin like that on what the plastic grey one and the colour of the closet are eligible. why nobody does one like this?

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