Scania R Edit v 2.0

Scania R Edit-1 Scania R Edit-2 Scania R Edit-3

Scania R Edited Brazilian style, lowered chassis and arched, various accessories
Tested versions 1.18

Author: Eric Batista


16 Responses to Scania R Edit v 2.0

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    ugly ūüėÄ

  2. Cgo13 says:

    I’m brazilian and I think this is ugly as f***

  3. SNAIL_KILLA says:

    Gipsy spirit

  4. Baba says:

    Scania R Edited Brazilian style , Autodromo Internacional Ayrton Senna race track Version, yes !

    or snow patrol version

  5. Faelandaea says:

    What the ###### h**l is this? I never understood the point of Brazilians raising their rears but . . . the last time I googled, I THINK that their tires at least stayed on the ground and the mudflap did not perform the duty of rear axle/drive/support.

    And take it from someone whop uses a LOT of blacks in his paints, don;t go solid black on stuff. Instead of a mudflap that thing looks like an unfinished, untextured part that got misplaced into the wrong model.

    Not trying to insult the author – this is just some feedback to hopefully learn from.

  6. tito says:

    Qué camión para mas horroroso!

  7. warfreak says:

    what happen with this shi+…… you have an ugly work right there.

  8. Moyeszka Sravenu-Dertyhvo says:

    hahahahahaahha ### this is yet another ugly brazilian fail .. u people really need to re-think your stuff

  9. Will says:

    No offense to the modder
    but I really can’t believe people like this ####
    it looks awful

  10. NuEra says:

    Is this made by a 8 year old?

  11. TruckerGreg says:

    What. Is. This?

  12. KAPTAN says:

    ok. but rear mat is weird.

  13. Sozkesen says:

    voll scheisse aber hahahahahah

  14. Daniel Zhe says:

    You make me feel ashamed of being Brazilian.

  15. Vincee says:

    Weve got a winner: the most Ugliest mod ever in ETS2 history..

  16. Gustavo M says:

    Queridos Gringos, gostaria de pedir mais respeito na questão da traseira do caminhão estar arqueada. Do mesmo jeito que vocês enchem o caminhão de luzes e pinturas fodasticas, aqui o nosso estilo é assim, Rebaixa a frente Levanta a traseira. Do mesmo jeito que ai vocês rebaixam e coisa talz somos assim tb.

    – Com Amor um BR

    PS: que mod lixo

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