Scania R Interior Fix

Scania R Interior (1) Scania R Interior (3) Scania R Interior (2)

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Errors were repaired with new version
Version 1.19.x ( but it can also work in older versions)

Author: furkan61


11 Responses to Scania R Interior Fix

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Nice Interior…
    HD Test Video…

  2. melios says:

    Very nice
    It work in all Scania R?

  3. SlavikSD says:

    It is working on version 1.18, my truck Scania R default.

  4. Scania says:

    Hi, what map is this?☺

  5. SlavikSD says:

    Help remove the side curtains!

  6. Tempo says:

    will it Work on RJL too ?

  7. mechanic t says:

    pls remove this interior did you got my promision to upload this?

  8. Adrien says:

    Hello or good evening he walks to rjl in 1.21.4s version? Otherwise good work

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