Scania R Interior Fix

Scania R Interior (1) Scania R Interior (3) Scania R Interior (2)

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Errors were repaired with new version
Version 1.19.x ( but it can also work in older versions)

Author: furkan61


11 thoughts on “Scania R Interior Fix

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Nice Interior…
    HD Test Video…

  2. Very nice
    It work in all Scania R?

    1. furkan 61


  3. It is working on version 1.18, my truck Scania R default.

  4. Hi, what map is this?☺

    1. yeaah wich map???????????

    2. their map of the game , Växjö portion of the map

  5. Help remove the side curtains!

  6. will it Work on RJL too ?

  7. mechanic t

    pls remove this interior did you got my promision to upload this?

  8. Hello or good evening he walks to rjl in 1.21.4s version? Otherwise good work

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