Scania R Longline v 1.0


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Scania R Longline for Patch 1.15xxxx
Template for skinning at the next vision

Its not allowed to upload on other Hoster!



17 thoughts on “Scania R Longline v 1.0

  1. Puffitheone

    Please for the normal r a lower midlift 6×2 chassis….
    only 6×4 at the moment,thx in advance.i love all your trucks

  2. [email protected]…..Its comming at the next vision

  3. Puffitheone


  4. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Possible 8×4 or 10×4 chassis on next version?

  5. Video please ^^ Great Nice SCANİA ^^

  6. fsxdude04

    can you make it for streamline also in next version? awesome and very nice mod

  7. scooterking

    there’s no GPS in the truck when it does not work
    otherwise delicious scania you have made

  8. Awesome but bad quality a low bumper.

  9. crashes on version 1.5.x.x.s

    1. you must select longline chassis first ,and then longline cab 😉

  10. please make good for 1.14 also because I don’t gonna play on new version and this not works on 1.14, thank you if you do because now is #### mod because not works with 1.14

  11. Can you create a 4*2 chassis and a lightbar betwin the cab and the chassis ? thx for your answer.

  12. update Scania megastore and make this compatible with it or make it part of the mod also make it so the highpipes fit the normal cabs with the longline chassis aswell

  13. Hi!
    Works well on 1.15.x Please, make more accessories slot to the frontgrill or to the bumpers! In the “Scania T Longline reworked by Henki V2.4” MOD, there are so called “Begrenzungsleuchte”, those red/white width indicator led lamps on the front and rear bumper on the truck. Would be good to have those on your truck 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

  14. scooterking

    found an error on the snows into the cabin

  15. The King Of The Road lightbox is spelt wrong in the game it says King Of Thr Road.

  16. Diamond Modding

    Bonjour malcom dit moi tu es moddeur ? aurait tu un skype ? Contact moi sur ma page fb : Diamond 3d . Si 37 est ton département j’y suis aussi .

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