Scania R Mega Mod v 6.5 [1.28]

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4 cabin
7 chassis
4 engines (3 of them V8)
12 Transmission
His salon (3 variant)
Many tuning (84 slots tuning)

Supports DLC Cabin Accessories and DLC National Window Flags

Changes: Adaptation for 1.28, some error flare are fixed

Bogdan Kasalap, adaptation, Phantom94, vovangt4, LH Trucker


27 thoughts on “Scania R Mega Mod v 6.5 [1.28]

  1. Repeat from 02 April and 15 March

    1. He just deleted the error. Why does the model need to be updated??

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test

    The video gives from 1.27 because nothing has changed
    after removing def flare rear lamps
    The effect is a lack of positional and alloy flare
    sorry for my English

    Pmd ,Pmg 15.03.2017

    1. PolishDriverTruck

      Mod works under 1.28

    2. He just deleted the error. Why does the model need to be updated?

    3. I tested it, the truck worked in version 1.28 ,if This truck does not work in 1.28 is your problem

  3. Files from 15.03. No changes.

    1. He just deleted the error. Why does the file need to be updated?

      1. Flares?

      2. When files change automatically the date changes

  4. polishdrivertruck ,Why do you manage so much when you’re a mod tester? Polish born nosy?

  5. Dont work for me

  6. jorgent97

    Hd test…

  7. This is a realy good mod! With many tuning parts and very much love for the detail. I like it very much 🙂

  8. If it is worse than: Scania R Streamline modifications by RJL, then why is it needed ????

  9. Schattenwolf

    This is a Fake Mode

  10. Schattenwolf

    mod is stolen and does not function under 1.28
    As well as he is described he nowhere appears.
    Is only one Fake and ersteller a Mod
    Report is out and on the blacklist you also walk.
    Mud parasite

  11. <Mod shows in Modmanager but not all Points..

    and when choosing a RS Chassis the Game crashes..

    tried to put it above the Truck in Modmanager..

    all the Older versions also Crashed.. there was one good MegaTuning mod but it was on one of the early Patches..

    That mod is stolen and if really updated.. badly updated.

  12. Martin Bell

    on which position in modmanager is it to be??

  13. does this work in multiplayer as I cant get it too, loads a deformed truck but works on singleplayer

    1. Multiplayer……lol

  14. It is possible to add the Led emblems from the Scania Dlc in the cabin for the next version ?

  15. Rıdvan Yiğitoğlu

    İt is not working on 1.30 please update for 1.30

  16. hi

    bitte für 1.31 upaten

  17. Any way to get in touch with Bogdan Kasalap? Need to ask for some permissions 🙂

  18. Haranstark

    the game keeps on crashing if I load the mod is there any solution the version is also correct any solutions ??

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