Scania R Ronny Ceusters v 1.0

Ronny-Ceusters-1 Ronny-Ceusters-2

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Scania R Ronny Ceusters v 1.0
Is Version 1.0 (beta)
Interior comes next Version
All chasis Change (lift axle)

Authors: SCS, Poland & Anaheim, Emanuel.Sirbu

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6 Responses to Scania R Ronny Ceusters v 1.0

  1. Kenny says:

    What’s that ??? The model is from 2013 and only error. Why you uploaded here this s.h.i.t ???

  2. klaas vaak says:

    what is the password?

  3. BanditGamingHD says:

    video HD 1080p ===>

  4. Francisco says:

    Hi there I love your truck but I have a problem. When I use the left indicator the entire front of the truck lights up in orange for indicating is this part of the truck lights??????
    PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jonathan says:

    Hey when will the new version of the truck?

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