Scania R.S TankLT vs Engine V12 Mod V1.X

-3000 lt fuel tank
-V12 830bg engine Mod




2 thoughts on “Scania R.S TankLT vs Engine V12 Mod V1.X

  1. adi2003de

    830HP V12 ?

    There isnt a v12 with 830 HP ..

    The standard 730HP V8 with Chiptuning have 832 HP … in the first step .. and 933 HP in the second step …

    So for what a v12 ?

    Than there is no sounds .. so you got a v8 sound for a v12 engine ..
    Than 7000 NM 😀

    The 933 HP chiptuninig have only 4500 NM
    The 832 HP chiptuning have only 4000 NM

    So the mod is so extremly dumb without sense builded .. So Sorry !

    but better you informate yourself about what you want to build !

  2. president10

    of course, you are wise man a fool, okay.

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