Scania R & Streamline Modifications v 2.2.1

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Changelog V2.2 to V2.2.1:
-Updated the mod for 1.28 patch
-Fixed trailer attaching problems with advanced coupling enabled
-Adjusted 8x and 10x fifth wheel positions for the Heavy Cargo Pack DLC (once again, hope that’s the last time)
-Added 3.80 rear differential for use with heavy loads
-Added Streamline paintjob

Content list:
-Normal, Highline, Topline, Extended Topline and Longline cabins.
-4×2, 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×2*4, 6×4, 8×2/*6, 8×4/4, 8×4*4, 10×4/6, 10×4*6 and 10×6/4 chassis.
-Scania R1 and R2 interiors.
-Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines.
-8-, 9-, 12- and 14- speed gearboxes with 2.71, 3.08, 3.42 and 3.80 rear differentials.
-Wide range of R1, R2 and Streamline parts.
-Plastic and paintable chassis + a lot of Scania stock parts.
-Many custom and tuning parts.
-Compatible with Cabin Accessories, National Window Flags and Mighty Griffin DLCs (separate compatibility addons required)
-And something more…


RJL/Fordsonmies, GT-Mike, 50keda, Sheryo, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, Szeryff123 (a few parts from them), SCS Software (original models), Thunderhawk (equipment tower)


20 thoughts on “Scania R & Streamline Modifications v 2.2.1

  1. Thank you for that Surprise this Morning.
    I´m using only your Scania-Trucks and now I´ve loading the newest.

    Thank you very much for the Update. 🙂

  2. marco Scania Vabis

    Good morning. .version tandem. .please?

    1. you can download from BDF,so you van make a tandem!

      1. Download this Marco than you have tandem….

  3. FoxOnTheBox

    Thank you very much for the update, The one truck mod that i always have in!

    HD Video tested on 1.28

  4. Thank you very very much!!! I use only this aswesome mod!

  5. It would be nice to be able to use the paintings of companies that SCS launched some time ago to be able to put in the paths of the RJL.

  6. don’t need test video…Nothing has changed

  7. Hillbilly

    How the heck do we install this mod ffs? Please Help!

  8. Ahmet Budanır

    Would you give me the appropriate link for 1.27?

  9. Where can I get the dlc download, to be able to put the interior gps and other toys?

  10. incompatible for me 🙁 i have ets2 v1.27.5xx

    1. cris musetan

      Could you please make an option so that you can choose between small and large(normal) fuel tanks on the low deck chassis!!!!!!! GREAT MOD:-)

  11. Thomas Grube

    Alles super nur irgend wie scheiße da wenn ich den Mod drinne habe und mir LKW Kaufen möchte hab ich son scheiß Eierlenkrad.

  12. Finde es net schlecht aber das daß Lenkrad so rumeiert ist mist

  13. Please make it compatible with 1.30! I’ll lose my profile without this

  14. incompatible for 1.28. Why??

  15. not working for patch 1.28 !!! 🙁

  16. Rizky_Aulya

    mod author… can you please reupload the file usng another server like mega,etc. cause if you download this version V2.2.1 mediafire keeps redirecting to V2.2.2.. so i cant download the appropriate mod version for my ets 1.28…. thanks to response 🙂

  17. Tor Morten


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