Scania R Streamline v2.2 Mat Painting

Mat painting RJL 2.2
Tested: 1.27
By: RJL, Hooli

RJL, Hooli


14 Responses to Scania R Streamline v2.2 Mat Painting

  1. zizu says:

    make for series 4 please

  2. R520 says:

    Awesome thank you!
    But one question: How did you get the Scania so low pls?

  3. D. says:

    How do I install this mod? I have no idea, because I see no SCS files.

    • TheGreenlightTrucker says:

      A .scs is like a .zip 😉
      Do the same what you do with the .scs files. Put it in the Mod folder & activated in the game 😉

  4. tornadosmer4i says:


  5. tornadosmer4i says:

    если не трудно дай ссылку на фары передние!
    заранее благодарю!..

  6. Smer4iTornado says:

    отлично !

  7. layrek says:

    не работает на

  8. johann says:

    Interior is private?

  9. Romario says:

    Sideskirts ?

  10. iTzBuRzT says:

    What Window Sticker is that?

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