Scania R Streamline V8 Engine Sound


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Stock reworked Scania V8 engine sound.
Works both R and Streamline.
Game version 1.16.

Thanks to Kriechbaum for air gear sound.
Thanks to SCS for Daf euro 6 blinker sound.

Author: SCS Volidas

DOWNLOAD 15 MB [Mediafire]

7 thoughts on “Scania R Streamline V8 Engine Sound

  1. EJTruckingINC

    Was good until you hear the squak when changing gears 🙁

  2. kriechbaum

    Nice sound friend 😉

    1. Thank you mate.

  3. Colleagues, why you are making video with sound outside the cab? This is not important, and this is unnecessary. Interesting is how is heard inside the cabin. For example: the sound of the engine, change of speed and sound of the brake.
    kriechbaum, how I can increase the sound of the engine inside the cab for Scania R?

  4. Excellent believable sound to replace that horrible standard V8 noise. Smooth rev and gear changes and good transition to overrun, I can listen to this for hours and there’s no smack in the face noise when you put your head out the window. Couple this with Kreichbaum’s equally good L6 sound and Scania has become my number 1 original drive.


    1. Here is a sample to go with my comment.

  5. @dr_jaymz

    very nice sound dude but you forgot to add the tires/bearings/asphalt sound… cheers

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