Scania R Topline Honda skin


This is one of my first skins. For the Honda fans, an anyone like it :D. Banksy will not be writen on the sides. enjoy

Banksy, and honda :S lol


6 thoughts on “Scania R Topline Honda skin

  1. Good year

    This doesn’t work. This skin does not work with the Scania R or Streamline. Tried it, disabled all my mods except your Honda skin and it’s not there.

    Would you pleae upload a version that actually works for the R topline? Thanks

  2. ok soz i will try, i am new to the mods, thanks for info.

  3. Good year

    No problem. I really love your work, though. The trailer works just fine.

  4. ok soz i will try, i am new to the mods, thanks for info

  5. above is new link, i tested it works, i set it to tcab before, duh! lol

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