Scania R + Trailer + Addon Hindelang Spedition


Minicool Climate: Maxx2504
Wheels: Ventyres
Hindelang Skin: MrGermanTruck
Hindealng Logo Copyright by buchstaben&mehr GmbH & Hindelang
Scania Truck: 50k, Dallybor, Kamaz
Addons: 50keda

Have Fun 🙂
Greetz MrGermanTruck

test on Version
The turn signals on the trailer have been revised !!!


5 Responses to Scania R + Trailer + Addon Hindelang Spedition

  1. Andy Atkinson says:

    Looks good, does the trailer replace anything?

  2. ursturbo says:

    Very nice!it will be nice to make this for iveco!THX!

  3. Dan says:

    The truck and the trailer are very good models , but the trailer has a terrible colision box. i can’t go over a bump because the colision box in to low !!!
    Authors , please fix this soon !

  4. DeineMudda says:

    i cant see the trailer 🙁

    Der Trailer erscheint bei mir nicht, ersetzt der wasß

  5. REMITRANS says:

    work with ets 2 V 1.11.X or no

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