Scania R V8 Sound


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Work with 400 – 430 HP Engines

Authors: SCS, Knoks


22 thoughts on “Scania R V8 Sound

  1. TeamSukka

    Oh my god…my ears started bleeding…

    1. Why can bleed due to hear the sound of this scania truck.

  2. Why?!

  3. Trucker-Speelduur

    I dont know what to say about this….

    1. Hehehehehehe.. 😀

  4. very nice shredder mod

    1. Thanks You Baba 🙂

  5. ### is this???? you record this with barbie karaoce???

    1. Whether using Bandicam applications including karaoke?

      1. i don’t know.Maybe or if not how you record this or you make this sound by our mouth???

  6. its a 1cylinder engine!

  7. What a bad sound
    Stop with make a v8 sound.
    Thats only for professionals.

    1. Thank you for criticism, Maybe if there is spare time I would upgrade his voice back

  8. Cool! Pulling out longer.This is what they say, “small glass voice” to.Need it for standard Scania Stream too, because they only have 10×4 chassis.
    Perfect.Thank you.

    1. same as above thanks also download sound truck made ​​me: D

  9. one word for this ####

  10. there is only two tones no engine range

  11. 3 FPS and the worst sound I’ve ever heard..

    1. Thank you for criticism, Maybe if there is spare time I would upgrade his voice back. and I apologize to play this game on my laptop can not buy a computer
      yes even on my laptop is only capable Low quality settings but I am very happy because it has the Euro Truck Simulator A Game 2

  12. A very good v8 sound. the sound from kriechbums..kierchbauer…baum..

    Your #### sound is even better than all of this sounds.
    Hurey! 🙂

  13. Полное гавно !

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