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Scania R1000 Konsep v2.2


Trial version:1.4.1,1.4.3,1.4.4,1.4.5,1.4.6,1.4.7,1.4.8 and (S)

Rombec1977 / DanielRG / David b.l / ETS2MOD


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15 Responses to Scania R1000 Konsep v2.2

  1. aleksey says:

    Была у меня такая.Минус в том,что она не красится.Вообще не один скин не воспринимает,только однотонный цвет.К тому же,конфликтует на трансмиссию,скорость,физику кабины.Вообщем смотрится красиво,но быстро надоедает.

  2. TomaSis says:

    discretion says v2.2 but file is v.1, still replace all scania and that is not good, we should buy it or chosen in garage and the interior also should be chosen by us … still a good mod, hope the author will change it

    • Chris says:

      I agree completely TomaSiS. They should have made this as a standalone Scania in the same way the Hi-way was added.

      It’s a beautiful model, but I don’t want it replacing other in game trucks.

  3. Michael says:

    On hosting
    Filename: zzzzzzzzz_ETS2__Scania_R1000_by_ETS2MOD_v1.0.rar


  4. viniskin says:

    Hi, here is the viniskin and I wanted pedetir all, if someone has the file base.scs the ETS2 already extracted, you could send me the folder veichle (where is the trucks and trailers). I only need this folder to continue edits skins.

    note: I know the estrous aqruivo base.scs, but I do not want to spend so much memory on my computer just to make a paste.

    SEND TO MY E-MAIL: [email protected]

  5. Vladimir Poteryaev says:

    That’s not spam, maybe ‘viniskin’ has IBM PC XT 133Mhz 256Mb with 350Mb hdd wich gifted him by his grandgrandgrandfather – and i belive there is not enough free space. Let’s help the guy and everyone send him a part of ‘vehicle’ folder… but… but I can’t find a 5-inch diskette. Sorry, viniskin… (((

  6. 광민 오 says:

    Can I use Scania skin on it?

  7. trucker richy says:

    Cant you make this mod so it only changes 1 scania, not all of them, you cant skin it, nor can you add many items to it when ungrading, so next time, only make it so it replaces 1 typre of scania, not all of them.

    Trucker Richy

  8. DeoFavente says:

    This, versus KacaK’s reworked version (https://ets2.lt/en/scania-r1000-reworked-version-3-5/) , which is better?

    I’ve used KacaK’s before, but I just want to know if there’s any differences at all. I prefer to use the ones from the original authors.

    As for the truck replacing all SCANIA’s trucks, I believe SCS is the one to be blame for programming such horrible modding system and structure. Modding should be done as ADDITIONS, not REPLACEMENTS. That’s where SCS went wrong. Everything about the modding system was wrong to begin with.

    If you are looking for someone to blame, it’s SCS and SCS alone.

  9. mihai says:

    It works on 1.4.12?

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