Scania R1000 Reworked v3.0


Whats New On Reworked Version 3.0:

-Brakes power was too high, normal values have been entered
-Brake settings have been set for rainy and sunny weather
-Front Bumper Crash Fixed.
-Other some bugs Fixed.
-KacaK’s Interior Added.

Note: Change Reflection Detail to High for better truck colour. (
Settings/Video/Reflection Detail/High )

Authors: Rombec1977, DanielRG, David b.l, ETS2MOD
Reworked: KacaK
Interior Mod: KacaK

Tested Version 1.3.1


20 thoughts on “Scania R1000 Reworked v3.0

  1. truck & song super,excellent,perfect,beautiful thanks for shared song name please i like this play song ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. super truck & song thaks for shared please play first song name i like this song ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. A High Hamster

    very amazing could you make a version that dosnt have so many break lights. when ever i hit the breaks my fps drops to 10 when im able to run normally at 70+

  4. hello you can make a version that does not replace all the trucks in the traffic thank you.

    how can i fix the bug with the left mirror?

  6. Robisierra

    gret work ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Works fine apart from the external camera bug…. All I get is this

    No other mods enabled and am running ETS2 v1.3.1

  8. ..please fix bug with right mirror

  9. truckerrr

    Do I need to start a new profile

  10. Hey this mod is really great!
    Anyway, i can’t change the color of the truck it always on blurred blue color
    please fix ๐Ÿ™

  11. Scanian is stylish but it takes fuel, must refuel often.

  12. It would fit with a 3axlad truck

  13. Deam dis truck AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. PROBLEM WITH THE RIGHT MIRROR!…. (Left Mirror if you drive right handed steering wheel)

    It reflects things that come from the front of the Truck in opposite direction….. Please Fix!….


  15. David King

    Love this truck but could you also make a 6×4 version. I absoulutely love the scania trucks but really prefer 6×4 and up over 6×2 models. Thank you for a awesome truck and keep up the good work.

  16. Whenever I apply this mod my game crashes but the game works fine with other mods except for this. Can anyone explain me why is that and how can I fix this. I really want this truck.

  17. Why do i get lag with this mod please help

  18. Mirror Mirror on my truck,
    shows the future what the $uck??

    Please fix missor reflection, shows what is ahead and not behind.

  19. fabricio vos busco trabajo scania tucuman

  20. this truck is so freaking ugly

    *grabs popcorn*

    hum but still ugly

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