Scania R2008 + Interior

Scania-R-2008+Interior-1 Scania-R-2008+Interior-2

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Scania R2008 Truck with Interior

Authors: Anaheim, Mr Poland, Riczko, Szeryff123


24 thoughts on “Scania R2008 + Interior

  1. Not too bad, but why the ETS1 interior? ^^

    1. Because those where the dials on the Scania R from 2008. Gotta do your homework more

    2. D o m i n i k

      U never see R1 Scania or what?

  2. Authors:

    Anaheim, Mr. Poland – Model
    Szeryff123 – Convert from GTS to ETS2
    Riczko – Prices in def

  3. DominikR420

    Authors: Anaheim, Mr Poland, Riczko, Szeryff123

  4. Please add 6×2 chassis.
    its will be perfect, Thanks!!!

  5. scooterking

    dont work

  6. Can u make a mod for that Interior to add for Streamline???

  7. bug Interior wipper Bug Rain

  8. Have ben looking for a scania with this interior. Ben missing the one we had in the first ETS. The last one i found had too many bugs in it, so i hope this one will be better 😉

  9. когда идёт дождь дворники работают но не смывают капли со стекла

    1. when the rain wipers work but not flush with glass drops

  10. No too bad and add accesories.

  11. roadrunner1982

    no RHD interior = very bad and unfinished mod real big shame as could of been grate but PASS!!!!!!!!!

    1. What dose RHD interior means?

      1. roadrunner1982

        Right Hand Drive interior i know this is from the ETS1 or GTS game but there is a Right Hand Drive interior for this truck in the UKTS game

  12. I’ve found 2 bugs so far; the vipers, and when you indicate to the left, you can see the right side blinker blinking. But its just the flare, its not the light itself. So when you blink to the right, you can only see a small light in there. But other than that, its a great mod. Would love more upgrades thought 😉

  13. Scania 164 580

    this is a very good mod!

    better then the orginal Scania 2008

  14. thx for sharing

    please, rebuild the dashboard(km, hodometer…): it is out of focus and can not see anything at night.

    1. v1.10.1.19s

  15. to Author: can I use engines in mod like this Bonus Engine v 2.7 and please answer in there …

    I am waiting answer about week and then check agan if you give permission use engines then I add mod and share mod when mod i ready to share other users.

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