Scania R2008 Metallic Skin


Simple metallic decaled skin for 50keda’s Scania R2008 Topline Cab

Tested on 1.13.x/1.14.x



11 thoughts on “Scania R2008 Metallic Skin

  1. TeddyBear

    and the truck?

    1. TeddyBear

      head lamps arnt the same

  2. pink 2 here

  3. Sorry for that – a tiny bug in one file
    Here’s the fixed link:

  4. breizhdave

    hello yellow lights in the grille are included in the mod?

  5. I don’t think 50k Scania R2008 mod V2 support ETS 2 1.14x Beta with axle lift? I can see in the picture that you have lifted rear axle..(also yellow lights) i guess private mod? Nice skin anyways -Thanks

    1. TeddyBear

      this is an awsome mod.
      works flawless with the 1.14 patch.
      only the mirror scs mod in the archive makes the save game not load, but if you disable it, the save with load fine.

    2. Nicklasmp

      The mod that Gt-mike uses is his own private truck. His truck has the working tag axle.

      Its only the skin that is included.
      No yellow lights, tag axle etc is included

      1. I understand that, its just it would be nice with a Scania R2008 mod that support Ets 2 1.14.x (axle lift, etc) Maybe someone will update 50keda’s R2008 mod for 1.14.x.

        1. TeddyBear

          I tried adding the lines for the chassis of the 08 I use which I linked to above, but when I press the U button to raise the axle the game crashes!
          This works fine on trucks for older patches!! So surely its a bug or that it needs an update of some kind.

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