Scania R2008 toplights, waeco and back lights


50Keda Scania R2008 toplights, waeco and back lights.

Replace: none
version: tested in 1.4.12

RPC Trucktuning/50Keda


13 thoughts on “Scania R2008 toplights, waeco and back lights

  1. They not working!

    1. Kenneth Mühlbrandt author valby

      yes it does but if you have akerman daf then it dont work

      1. no i have Scania R 2008 by 50k!

        1. Do you have another download link, I can’t get it from this one. Thanks

  2. Thanks VERY NICE

  3. Leah Elena

    the aircooler doesnt fit properly for me on kedas truck.
    and the tuning points for the lights dont show up as an addon to buy.

    1. Tim Dorrestijn

      Link for the backbumper?

  4. working na scania original do jogo ?

  5. adaptable sur le higlhine de 50 keda ??

  6. Ligt not working on 1.5 and 1.6

  7. MinivinkNL

    The links dont work can you put a other link ?

  8. Pleasse make time new Link

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