Scania R2009 Skin Pack Part 2

Obsolute-F.LLI-Acconcia D.Kriegl Goldrake Guardian-Of-The-Gods Harley-Davidson Tommy-&-Jerry Joker Kenshiro Liotti

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9 Skins for Scania R2009 Truck:
– Obsolute F.LLI Acconcia
– D.Kriegl
– Goldrake
– Guardian Of The Gods
– Harley Davidson
– Tommy & Jerry
– Joker
– Kenshiro
– Liotti

Tested on 1.22.xx be tested on previous versions
Tested on 6.2 Megastore

Author: Afrosmiu

DOWNLOAD 137 KB Obsolute F.LLI Acconcia
DOWNLOAD 154 KB D.Kriegl
DOWNLOAD 365 KB Goldrake
DOWNLOAD 526 KB Guardian Of The Gods
DOWNLOAD 1 MB Harley Davidson
DOWNLOAD 862 KB Tommy & Jerry
DOWNLOAD 444 KB Kenshiro
DOWNLOAD 196 KB Liotti

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