Scania R2009 Skin Pack Part 3

Star-Wars-1 The-Fastest-Truck The-Griffin-2 The-Griffin The-Shadow-Of-The-Dragon

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5 Skins for Scania R2009 Truck:
– Star Wars
– The Fastest Truck
– The Griffin 2
– The Griffin
– The Shadow Of The Dragon

Tested on 1.22.xx be tested on previous versions
Tested on 6.2 Megastore

Author: Afrosmiu

DOWNLOAD 438 KB Star Wars
DOWNLOAD 249 KB The Fastest Truck
DOWNLOAD 868 KB The Griffin 2
DOWNLOAD 343 KB The Griffin
DOWNLOAD 516 KB The Shadow Of The Dragon

5 thoughts on “Scania R2009 Skin Pack Part 3

  1. RagnarModding

    is it for rjl or only vanilla?

  2. make for scania rjl pleas

    1. Super skins.Please SCANIA RS/RLJ TOPLINE cabin,thanks

  3. Super skins,please SCANIA RS/RLJ TOPLINE cabin,thanks…

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