Scania R2009 V8 sound


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THIS SOUND IS JUST FOR V8 ENGINES,is working with Scania R2009 V8 and with Streamline V8.patch 1.9.x… for R engines you can use your own sound

Author: laurentiu824


24 thoughts on “Scania R2009 V8 sound

  1. My favorite sound! Been using the last version with the Streamline up till now cause i just downloaded the Scania T cab.

    Could you please make your sound mod work with this T cab mod?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. thank you. very nice sound!!!

  3. Marc Busser

    I love that sound and like Leon said could you please make it work whit that torpedo mod

  4. laurentiu824

    thankyou guys,that’s what im trying now :)but i have to say it’s not easy because is having another type of engines 🙂 but i will make it

  5. Guys, a short time ago i succeeded!
    Only thing i had to do was to extract the original def.scs file, and replace everything that was “scania.r” with “scania.t”.

    Here is the actual stuff, with some other mods inside [credits go to creators, as always]:

    Laurentiu, thanks anyways, we really appreciate your help, and the awesome sound!

    1. laurentiu824

      thanks Leon, i try it but the Scania T did’nt have a V8 engine def file,i mean in the pack of the truck,and,that is not my busines and thats why is working just with the standard engine and not with V8 engine,i can make it but then will not be changed the sound when you change the engine from R to V8 on any scania

      1. Yeah i guess you could be right. Well, all i can say is that its working fine for me, so im happy 🙂

        Thanks again!

  6. laurentiu824

    i could make it to work,to change the def file and after i should upload it here to work with my sound,but like i said,it’s not my work on this truck,and i will not do that, i respect any moderators because i know it’s a lot of work,especialy on a truck,or graphics mods and others too

  7. laurentiu824

    but guys this is working on

    are 2 diferent sound V8 with exhaust and R with exhaust

  8. yeah laurentiu824 this is the perfect pure sound i was waiting to ur work u promised me and this is the job thx man will try it see u and big thx

    1. laurentiu824

      you welcome Paolo 🙂

  9. Little update, friends!
    I managed to get the proper sound for the T cab, so here it is [basically the same file as before, but with the proper settings now]

    Later ill be adding some nice brake blow off sounds too, only if laurentiu is good with it 🙂

    1. laurentiu824

      i will do that Leon 🙂

    2. laurentiu824

      or you can use my sounds if you want 🙂

      1. Yeah man thats what i did! Found an earlier version of your V8 sound and took the gear air sounds. Brake sounds are from another mod.

        Are you gonna update this mod of yours? I mean like fine tuning and stuff like that.

  10. laurentiu824

    yes,i do,but honestly i did’nt found yet a really good sound wich i can use it,i try it alot of sounds,but always firstly i test them,but in the nearly future i want to come with a beast sound 🙂

    1. Would be awesome bro! Waiting for it!
      Much appreciated 🙂

  11. Wich map mod do you use? i see that u are in Denmark and driving?

    1. laurentiu824

      Kenza: promods map 1.61

  12. Is it possible for someone to fit that sound to 50Kedas R2008? That would be awesome! 🙂

  13. Does the streamline just have the straight pipe exhaust noise or is the R2009 also?

    1. laurentiu824

      Ramin this is just for streamline,for streamline and R2009 is here

      1. Thanks 🙂

  14. I think the inside sound louder will be better…

    nice sound!

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