Scania Streamline Longline V2


V2 of the Blue Eyes Longline

New Model Truck



20 thoughts on “Scania Streamline Longline V2

  1. standalone???? does it work om 1.9.22 game???

  2. I have tried on 1.9.22s works, but haved
    in game.log If it is necessary I can show them.
    For what version of game this mod?

    1. By the way very much it was pleasant to me that is Template for drawing the skins

  3. Mercedescargoes

    Credits: Fordsonmies, 50keda, GT Mike, SCS Software.

    The thief!

  4. Can you see the Bonett through the cab?

  5. I put the wrong name on the mod on here lol, its actually a Tcab longline, hope you enjoy it guys, I loved this truck on GTS

  6. does it replace trucks or standalone??

    1. standalone
      Correct credits as some ##### was complaining about not being credited, if you would have put the credit list in the mod I would have credited

      ScaniaLAD,Fordsonmies,50keda, GT-Mike and SCS Software

      1. BTW, original mod have readme.txt where is changelog and credits…

        Credits before you ScaniaLAD:
        Fordsonmies (creation)
        SCS Software (original Scania R-model)
        50keda, GT Mike (some other parts)


  7. In what dealer can i find the truck? Its not in the scania dealer… I’m running on

    Please help 🙂

    1. If you aren’t seeing it on the Scania (Main) dealer, it’s probably coz you haven’t activated the mod.

      This version is by far the BEST Longline Tcab I’ve tested. Absolutely brilliant, ScaniaLAD

      More skins please? And rear bumper too 😀

  8. what I would like to know is why does it crash my sim when im in the upgrade shop and I turn the lights on?

  9. belo trabalho ,funciona perfeitamente,, parabens

  10. Great Mod guys, do you have a template for the Topline cab? I have a template for GT Mike T730 but doesn’t fit this mod.

  11. hi danke für diesen schoenen mod ,verträgt sich bei mir auch mita allen scania mods die ich habe ,danke-der bonsai
    ist auch der erste richtige funktionerender t-scania,habe lange drauf gewartet danke

  12. What scania R dose it replace? Is it the first one who is green? Cause i got the scania series 4 mod, who replaces that so if this one is the same, i will have a problem…

  13. Please, could put to download the template of 4×2 and 6×4, other than the long.
    Thank you.

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