Scania R440 Topline Hardcore Edition *1.46*

– 2 cab options with raised or standard roof spoiler position
– 4×2 chassis
– Original non-standard interior
– Full-featured exterior and interior animation
– Extended support for connecting and animating trailer cables
– Full compatibility with DLC Cabin accessories (including accessories for the SISL addon)
– Real recorded own FMOD sound
– Own physics
– Own tuning accessories
– 20+ own license plates
– Own realistic HQ missile system
– Internal light
– Three trailers of your own
– HQ skin pack

Update for v1.46

Nikola Trucks


5 thoughts on “Scania R440 Topline Hardcore Edition *1.46*

  1. Fake old mod 2021

  2. old version doesnt work

  3. it can impossible be updated for 1.46. It is paid mod and it is locked to the current version. If someone really has unlocked it it is a violation of the copyrights belonging to mr. Nikola. So please do not download here on sharemods but buy it via Gumroad at Mr. Nikola himself

  4. Henry Jensen

    it is a fake mod. The original mod is from NIKOLA TRUCKS and they are locked to 1.45 version. the 1.46 version is not Yet released.

    with other words. If you download it and it has not been tampered you can not use on 1.46.
    if it has been somehow unlocked it is still a violation of Nikolas copyrights and therefor forbidden to use.
    So please do not download the mod via this site. Buy it legally from the creator on GUMROAD

    1. Генри, а ты его адвокат? Что ты так печенья о авторских правах, если ты конечно получаешь деньги за это. Если нет, то не смеши людей. Не будь клоуном.

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