Scania R450 Streamline Tandem

Truck replaces Scania R2009 A Cab 6×2 Truck.
Trailer replaces Krone Coolliner Trailer.
Trailer has own wheels.
Mod updated to 1.27 version

Ballinowicz, Pawel92, Gytis (adapted to newest version)


6 thoughts on “Scania R450 Streamline Tandem

  1. StofingTV

    No work 🙁

  2. Не работает плохо…

  3. arnuX LTU

    when you buy truck its crash..

  4. Probably not even adapted to 1.27. They just say it so they get more downloads 🙁

  5. Crashes into windows….

  6. arnuX LTU

    not working

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