Scania R500


Scania R500 Truck

Authors: Ahaneim, Chudy, Mr.Poland, SCS, TheGreatJoe, Mr.Nick, Maciek, Matias00, Stefan


5 thoughts on “Scania R500

  1. mode is nice but I need video for download

  2. Faelandaea

    Thanks for the video, Diablo. Saved me the tyrouble of downloading. This mod looks very very far from finished. For those that do not wish to watch the video here is what I picked out:

    * Most chassis invisible, showing tires only – looked odd.
    * Exterior “interior” accessories not visible on interior.
    * Lots of “clipping” of exterior accessories against the truck

    Don;t get me wrong – this mod looks like it has great potential in the future, but for now it is not even 1/3 finished. For as many authors as was credited, I am surprised it made it to an upload, unless those authors are just authors of the individual items used in this mod?

  3. This one is garbage!!

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