Scania R500 Ronny Ceusters

Scania-R-500-Ronny-Ceusters-1 Scania-R-500-Ronny-Ceusters-2

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Detailed Scania Ronny Ceusters Truck with lights, wheels, skin
Tested 1.16.1.

Authors: Syncron, Ahaneim, Mr.Poland, Chudy, Mihai, Ventyres, Sebastian

DOWNLOAD 39 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 39 MB [Sharemods]

9 Responses to Scania R500 Ronny Ceusters

  1. melios says:

    Very nice
    Please link for light pack?

  2. Sca says:

    Someone fix …. ): Thanks

  3. terje says:

    interior is not the one in the picture??Maybe make a better interior..

    • TeddyBear says:

      Thats also a problem with the truck.
      Highbeams on roof dont work.
      Wheels are blue.
      Light mask is totally different.
      And the view for the truck stop at the roof pretty close-up.

      So its not worth downloading until its fixed like shown on the pictures.

    • RiXeN says:

      Syncron said the interior wasn’t included.

      • TeddyBear says:

        I didnt say anything about the interior. đŸ˜›
        The truck is nice but its far from as good looking as shown on the pictures.

  4. Kromus says:

    Absolute crap… Seems like everything neds to be fixed, this is some kind of alpha half-done sh*te

  5. RiXeN says:

    Theres nothing wrong with the original link….

    Also if you’re having problems remove any 50K mods, they conflict with this.

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