Scania R500 Tandem


Author: Robertas14


13 thoughts on “Scania R500 Tandem

  1. it’s kool in picture! 🙂 in game don’t work!.. i have MAN in game when i go to Scania store the game crash!

  2. trailer?

    1. Robertas14

      no trailer for now. take trailer from other mods.

  3. Can not “style” this model? Lights etc.

  4. Leah Elena

    Epic mistake dude.
    Thats not a tandem truck.
    Tandem is a type of axle configuration which is 6×4, and that has 2 drive axles. Which means both rear axles is used to giving the truck power to drive forward.
    6×2 is only the middle one.

    1. Stop being a Nazi, and shut up. It’s a great mod nonetheless.

      1. Leah Elena

        no one is beeing a nazi artard.
        tandem is used on trailers as well, yes.
        but its most used on trucks.
        google “scania tandem” and see what you get most results of.

    2. tandem is also used at a serten combination of truck and trailer, so you failed to!

      1. In other words, everyone has their own meaning of the word “tandem”. To me, it’s bicycle with two seats.

        So lets just stick to the official term 6×2 or 6×4

      2. *CERTAIN

  5. I got it to work, but the exterior view point is on the ground,but works from the cab view, I even hooked up a trailer and took to delivery. You need to check out the exterior view which only shows under the truck!. I first had to create a 6×6 tandem truck then enable the mod, it wouldn’t put the wheels right till i did. found it at the scania dealer.

  6. We need a proper “tandem” mod. With a real dollytrailer. If I just could be arsed to get into modding…

  7. locked?

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