Scania R500 Tandem


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  1. radow35 says:

    it’s kool in picture! đŸ™‚ in game don’t work!.. i have MAN in game when i go to Scania store the game crash!

  2. olstad says:


  3. Flemmen says:

    Can not “style” this model? Lights etc.

  4. Leah Elena says:

    Epic mistake dude.
    Thats not a tandem truck.
    Tandem is a type of axle configuration which is 6×4, and that has 2 drive axles. Which means both rear axles is used to giving the truck power to drive forward.
    6×2 is only the middle one.

  5. james says:

    I got it to work, but the exterior view point is on the ground,but works from the cab view, I even hooked up a trailer and took to delivery. You need to check out the exterior view which only shows under the truck!. I first had to create a 6×6 tandem truck then enable the mod, it wouldn’t put the wheels right till i did. found it at the scania dealer.

  6. Rigge1988 says:

    We need a proper “tandem” mod. With a real dollytrailer. If I just could be arsed to get into modding…

  7. jimmy says:


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