Scania R500 V8 Sound | Ostervalls

An old project I started but stopped for few reasons. Gave it my best try to make it close as the original real life truck sound.

This mod adds a V8 Sound made from a Swedish truck, Scania R500 Ostervalls.
You can get reference of the original real life truck sound from the link below.

Japheth Rasta.Jr, Kriechbaum, SCS.


2 thoughts on “Scania R500 V8 Sound | Ostervalls

  1. This is pretty cool, its my sound that i recorded at work. This is my Youtube page
    Thanks for putting it in the game /Patrick from Östervalls

    1. R.JProductions

      Great to see you here in the Virtual Trucking Community.

      Incase you want to work in improving the sound mod, I am always available and you can contact me on my facebook page.


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