Scania R560 Donslund with trailer


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– Standalone in Scania R shop
– Interior
– Standalone Trailer
– Flares fixed
– Lot of errors fixed


Mr.Poland, Chudy, Pawe?, Eed123, Sheryo, Ventires, Caspian, Costel, Molotov, Matgamer


14 Responses to Scania R560 Donslund with trailer

  1. adarf33Mods says:

    Can i take part(s) (for using my mods) in your model with specify your name?

  2. TeddyBear says:

    cool but convert the original wheels as well for a complete convert.

  3. Sca says:

    Yes . Please fix . Thanks bro

  4. greg says:

    please Scania Fleurs mod for patch1.23

  5. Scania Holland says:

    Hi nice to see old famous donslund are updated to newest patch. But please can you update SCANIA FLEURS TANDEM COMBO PACK for newest patch. And thanks for donslund

  6. Anders says:

    LOVE the truck and skin! but there is only one problem with this mod…the GPS is turned around or something, not sure why it does that 😛 plz fix for this wonderful mod!

  7. Doc_KryToX says:

    Please dont upload to sharemods. Im getting 5 pop ups in 1 second because this page is ####

  8. Andy510 says:

    Guten Tag an den Mod erbauer darf ich diesen Zug umskinnen erwähne natürlich zu 100% eure Namen den ihr seit ja die erbauer ????

  9. Military_Pig says:

    Чмошный мод!!!Говно короче.

  10. Adan says:

    Handling is horrible even with the lift axle down while pulling the trailer.

  11. FoxOnTheBox says:

    Beautiful truck and trailer, I especially love the truck skin. Very nice mod thank you for sharing.

    HD Video tested on 1.28

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