Scania R580 /ZILIO/ V8 Sound /Mighty V8 Sound/


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This MOD is Made From The Scania R580 Zilio Truck and Works For The Scania R and Streamline by SCS, The Scania R and Streamline By RJL, The Scania T By RJL, and The Scania RS By Bogdan and Also The Scania MEGAMOD.

Yafet Rasta.Jr, Kriechbaum.


6 Responses to Scania R580 /ZILIO/ V8 Sound /Mighty V8 Sound/

  1. Joe the gamer says:

    AWESOME sound!!!! Also, the video is cool! AC/DC – Back in black – True Rock music xD

  2. V8 Melli says:

    well done…thank you i wish more brake and original retarder sound but it still a great original sound!

  3. aeronildo says:

    that’s it. People spend an amount of time trying to create sound samples for their mods (extracting the sound of videos and creating looped sounds from it isn’t an easy task) to just someone take them, put in their own mods and give themselves credit! why don’t you give me proper credits dude? That’s why i don’t release sound mods anymore, like this:

  4. John says:

    Just tryed your mod, It dose not work for the Scania Streamline, please make it work for the Scania Streamline

  5. ScaniaFreak says:

    Awesome mod!!!! Please make this for ATS too, as i have a scania there by RJL, would love to hear the mighty V8 in American Truck sim

  6. J says:

    #### INTERIOR

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