Scania R666 BDF tandem


Author: PATRIK


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  1. Phonebill says:

    HAve anyone tried this one? It only seems like there’s problems with these kind of mods. And also, is there a trailer to it?

  2. hex says:

    I’ve tried it, briefly, like all other mods I’ve tried from this author.
    Tried in with no other Scania mods or chassis mods of any kind, and the wheels are in the wrong position.
    If there is something special we need to do do make it work then maybe some info here or in a readme would help… I mean, just maybe………. falls on deaf modder/uploader ears as usual no doubt…

    To be honest the amount of crap all over the windscreen is a turn off even without the wheel problem.
    Interior textures seem messed up or missing too.

    Somewhere in cyberspace PATRIK has already moved on to his next mod, blissfully content to leave all the others unfixed….


  3. Can someone please give me another link, this one doesn’t work for me 🙁

  4. derconair says:


  5. Sam says:

    Hex, I thought it would be completely obvious that you must select the correct axle configuration according to the truck you downloaded, which from what I can see is a 6×4 tag?

  6. hex says:

    Yes it is completely obvious and I tried all axle options.

  7. fredrik says:

    this is just some kind of skin type.. doesnt work with any of the combinations of axle…

  8. fuzionz says:

    ok this dose work and dont its the 6×2 u need to get not the 6×4 and u will need the 3 cabin but when u drive it it will crash the game but to get where i do u need 2 start a game go and get the 6×2 and 3 cabin then save and exit then put the mod in the mod folder and start the game bk up thats it if it dont crash when u are driving then u are all good

  9. jens says:

    es währ cool wenn ihr nen MAN macht würde mich drüber freuen ich hoffe das er bald erscheint macht weiter so voll cool

  10. unionpacific13 says:

    mediafire links:

  11. Lars2254 says:

    Is it for 1.2.5 / / 1.3.0 / 1.3.1 ? at my 1.3.0 it wont work ;s maybe its my pc… 32-bit…
    Who can help me ? ;3


  12. helpme says:

    whats the password i try to extract it it ask for password

  13. Ramon Kappert says:

    DUTCH: Hoe zet je dit op Euro Truck Simulator 2?

    ENGLISH: how do you put this on euro truck simulator 2?
    any ideas?

    • dylan says:

      je moed dat in je mod map zetten en je moet het eerst naar een scs bestand veranderen via winrar

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