Scania R700

Scania-R700-1 Scania-R700-2 Scania-R700-3

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Tested version 1.20.x
Compatible version 1.19.x & 1.20.x

* Respect the download link *

Authors: SCS, Au44, Helpka


14 Responses to Scania R700

  1. Roller says:

    Please use only original link !

    Scania R700 + Update + Accessories tuning + new paint.

    Version game 1.20x

  2. eusebio1 says:

    Düsseldorf! Thats my hometown! Do you mind sharing the skin for the sunshield without the truck? Would be greatly appreciated

    • ShuqGrind says:

      The sunshield skin is ok but the whole body skin is crappy ####.

  3. kent76 says:

    Finally someone updated this truck.this is my only and favorite Scania. thanks

  4. zoso says:

    all versions: R700 author Au44 are
    blocked, because you’ve left free mod r700
    and you have blocked the interior ???
    You had permission to Au44 to do this?
    I remember that there is a newer version R700 lux v1,1
    It works on v.1.20.1 but you can not change wheels (crash the game)

    • Tasja says:

      How did you manage to get that version (v1.1) working on 1.20.1? once i activate it my screen goes bright red ingame once i wanna do a delivery and it is the only mod activated on 1.20.1s

      And like you said all locked so no way that we can adjust it (i like the 6×4 wheels in that version) so i won’t be using this version unless 6×4 will be added lol

  5. titan_estrada says:

    8×4 chassis pleae :/

  6. SOSO says:

    Truck of the year 2015 is renault range. Scania is the iphone of truck companys!

    Anyways.. nice mod!

  7. scania_dragon says:

    A few things:
    a. 2000 hps ? Absolutely nonsense! This is a scania R 700 not R 2000
    b. if the (truck-)mod is active the original sunshield of the scania R (from scs) is defective.
    c. Truck of the year 2015 is the Renault T (aka Renault Range T)

    Result: Rework the mod please. This version is for the trash

  8. BornToDrive says:

    seriously, this truck is awesome, but please add more engine with less power, 6×4 chassis, and right-handed steer.

  9. RonnyTiger says:

    der Scania R700 ist super aber woher bekomme ich die Zusatzteile wie in dem Video was die Reifen und Sattelplattenabdeckung betrifft? Die beschriftete Sonnenblende ist da auch nicht mit drin woher bekomme ich diese Teile? Danke schonmal im vorraus 🙂 🙂

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