Scania R700 Illegal V8 1.33.x

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Change log:
Add advance trailer coupling support.
Cabin accessory ready.
Add new side mirror with blinker.
Add new Front mirrorAdd new Sun shield.
9 type of chassis.
4 type of cabin.
Many accessory parts.
New engine and transmission.
Add glass tint.
New bumper.
Add fuel tanks in the next version.
There may be some flaws in the parts, but This mod can be used without any problems.

Carls1309, SCS, John Lee ,RJL, AU44, 50Keda, V8K, GTMike and GermanTrucker
Reworked: zarnevis


11 thoughts on “Scania R700 Illegal V8 1.33.x

  1. wil this work on 1.32?

    1. ok so i tested it out and it works on 1.32 i had to extract the files and then put them back in to a zip achive hoever how do i get the v8 open pipe sound ?also i like the tinted windows and the mirrors now its more bad ### . do i have to install shomething else o i have to select a type of engine ??????

      1. i mean its more cooler i forgot about the censorship XDXD

  2. Update or Re-Upload ?

  3. Every side error hole.trapezoid,wretched
    just lights R700
    Rest fitting…Ceiling c interior black
    bad carelessly made..

  4. hello

    does not appear in mods

  5. Hi. Im struggling to get this mod working. I only know how to install it when its only one scs file but here is like a thousand sii files and more. Plz hlp me I have search on youtube also. Email me directions plz. [email protected]

    1. hello. i make this mod. but i dont upload it to this site. and my original mod was about 150 mb but someone else change it and re upload it to another web sites. the original mod is fully work and tested in 1.33 and 1.32 game version. u can extract the zip file and put all the file and folder to a folder with the truck name.thene put that to your mod folder and enjoy.

  6. giorgos martzaklis

    I do not see the car what it is like1

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