Scania R700 Lux v 1.1

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Scania R700 Lux Truck
Work with 1.14.x.x and 1.15 versions

Authors: serega2012, SCS, AU44, HaXwell, Kelsa, 50ked, unicorn0007

DOWNLOAD 86 MB [Sharemods]

31 thoughts on “Scania R700 Lux v 1.1

  1. Scania R700 Lux v 1.1 HD Video

  2. Why did you take out that beige interior, dude? Can you please put it back with the black Scania logo on the wheel? Please….at least have it as an option.

  3. Scania Truck

    Please take the R700 interior back to the truck!

    1. agree!

  4. Sarkissian

    Does the truck have wheels from a distance when you put it in traffic or is it just hovering like it was before???

  5. I love this truck. Well done with the hard work. Is there anyway you could make the truck compatible with this scania sound pack please?

    Would be awesome if you or someone else could do it as i’ve been tried all day and cant do it. Thank you.

  6. Great truck. Any chance you could make it compatible with this sound mod please?

      1. Wow, Thank you so much. That was also done alot faster than i thought it would take. Works great too. So thanks again buddy. I can drive in style now 🙂

      2. kriechbaum you are best !! brilliant sound mod
        Thank you.

  7. fake

    1. It’s not fake and its great. Cant buy it from the UK. Goto Milan if you wanna buy it.

  8. Hello
    It was so good, bravo!
    If fashion was too low to add it.

  9. Scania is a new voice in the game to add it!
    Also add engine types
    Thank you

  10. Black / Beige Interior ?????? def. is not open.

  11. THX for this mod, it’s great. I have a one request for tthe future. When you sent file to the hosting please add in file name mod version.
    Thanks and regards

  12. The_Driver

    Video Scania R700 :

  13. I did not release version 1.1

      1. See here. Official website:

  14. Published only version ( Beta version V 0.5 )

    1. Ciao AU44, when I change the accessories in the workshop the game crash. The v.1.0 works fine and does not crash the game.
      I really appreciate the work you thanks.
      Sorry for the incorrect English ciao ciaox

  15. Hi there AU44. Awesome truck. It’s my main one now and love it. I have just one favour to ask. Would i be able to may be have the password or a unlocked version please? Reason is i just wanna change a few thing’s like lower the hp and change transmission ratio’s etc. (Only thing i know how to do lol). I wouldn’t upload it anywhere, It’s just for personal use only. I totally understand if this is not possible but would like to thank you for reading this post and for making such a awesome post. If by some chance it is my e-mail is [email protected]. Thanks again 🙂

    1. It’s ok now. I have sorted it. I wont upload it or anything. It’s just for me. Thanks anyway:)

  16. Hey any chance you could plese email me the unzip password please? Just wanna make a few edit’s is all. All for personal use only. Hope you can help. My email is [email protected]. Many thanks

    1. Never mind. I unlocked it now 🙂 Merry xmas all

  17. So Au44, dude must say it its amazing the job dat u r doing i been folowing ur R700 about a year and just love it its just perfect so maybe u can add two upgrades to look more heavy duty truck just an idea maybe if u have time to do it my email is: [email protected] (just a bumper and an lightbox)

  18. Bonjour est ce que vous pouvez passé le mods en version 1.15.1s merci

  19. I have some issues using only this mod in v1.15.1.1s:

  20. Hi I noticed about this mod is my skin … those who said this to give you permission to release the mod? the mod and this ques-tion and was created by me afrosmiu[email protected]/18225587321/in/dateposted-public/

    1. Hi, can you link me the tuning mod for Scania that you have ? Excuse me for my english if I wrote something wrong.

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